Game analysis service

Would you like me to analyse your chess games?

Watch the video below for more information.

Please send only games played with a thinking time of at least 30 minutes for each player. No blitz games.

The analysis will mostly be ready within a week.

Some of the reactions that I received from players who have made use of this service:

“Thank you so much Majnu. I found this helpful to me.”

“I just had the chance to watch. Another superb analysis. I cannot express how helpful it is to have someone as talented as you analyse games for beginners like me.”

“Thanks for your efforts! I really enjoyed the video. The endgame handling made me quite proud, playing it in severe time trouble and still spotting the move h6.”

“As I was very pleased with your last video, I would like you to analyse another game by me from the same tournament.”

“Thank you for your analysis on the last game. I really enjoyed it and it was very helpful.”

“Excellent analysis. I have had analysis of games done by other masters but yours is the best one of all! I will be sending you a donation at the end of the month and I will be sending you more games to be analysed. Thanx again!”


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