Middlegame training

Most of our games are decided in the middlegame. Sometimes because of tactical mistakes, and often because we don’t chose the right plan in the middlegame. That is why it’s immensely important to understand middlegame positions. I hope this video’s will help you in this.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Part 5.

Part 6.

Part 7.

Part 8.

Part 9.

Part 10.

Part 11.

Part 12.

Part 13.

Part 14.

Part 15.

Part 16.

Part 17.

Part 18.

Part 19.

Part 20.


8 thoughts on “Middlegame training

  1. Wonderful series. Thoughtful game selections and very clear presentations. Really great, thank you!

  2. Thanks Majnu really appreciate your efforts…. would like to see a few vids where you convert chess endgames from Books into your easy to understand, and convenient to study chess videos.

  3. are there more than 20 middlegame training positions, if yes, how can I get it?
    very effective training !


  4. Hi Jupp,

    There are many books that have selected instructive game positions. If you do a google search on “Chess strategy books” you will find several.
    Good luck!

  5. Greeting Majnu,
    I really appreciate your act of love and kindness doing the chess videos. The middle game series has increased my understanding a lot. It has elevated my enjoyment of playing and learning. There is a lot to learn about chess that one can only do it with someone guiding them. I will be showing my appreciation with a donation.
    Thank you, Gilbert, country USA, State, West Virginia

  6. Hello Majnu,

    Thank you very much for these middle game training sessions which are more instructive than the books I read on this topic.

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