What is the best book on chess endgames?

Now that is really a tricky question! It’s very hard to decide which book is the best on this subject since it depends on the level of the reader. An excellent book for an expert like for example Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual may be a bad choice for a 1500 player.

Personally I’ve enjoyed very much Capablanca’s best chess endings, by Chernev.

Also Silman’s Complete endgame course is in my opinion a good buy. Especially because it handles endgames categorized for different rating levels.

There are of course many online book stores, like the Dutch Boek.net, where you can have a look around.


When chess becomes art!

Every chess players will agree with me that being concious of the imbalances and characteristics of a position is one of the most important things in a game. This awareness is the first thing that we need in order to start making a good plan in the endgame.

At the same time it’s highly important to have knowledge of some endgame patterns that sometimes arise. In this video I’ll show you an endgame composition that has some similarities with the famous study by Richard Reti that I showed in one of my previous  videos.